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Most of this art combines my sketches and line art from my
Edge Series with the color yellow.

Click for The Blue Series



AC Hat 52BEG



Man In Cowboy Hat 1D















Nefertitti 1dbBBG
















Woman With Scarf f1BED

















Woman At Cantor 2aED












Girl Reading 48bJ

















Indian Motorcycle 1dF

















Ice Crusher 21BY

















Blue Bottle 19d














Alamos Girl 5aF4


















Blue Shirt 1F1B

















Woman With Hat 2cH3


















Hat 23BG

















Woman On Arm 11K

















Floor Model In Dress A3AY

















Egyptian 4bBE

















Weaver Sketch 4D

















French Pump 17bG


















Notre Dame 1BE

















Notre Dame 9C












Primosten Croatia 15A

Primosten Croatia 14C16

Tuscan Villa 6E

La Tienda 16dC

Denver Guy 1BF

Balloon Man 11F3G

Boy & Umbrella 120Y2

Clean Man 12eOG

Man In Cowboy Hat 4AY

Corkscrew Wall 5CBY

Clothes Pins 141D

Coffee Press 111CY

Deux Cheveaux 151F3Y

Big Pot Flowers 18F

Giverny Flower 1dA

Fall Flowers 3Y3

AC Shoes7aB

AC Shoe 162CY

Puffin 1AY

Bird NR2D

Pig 1B