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Variations on a Theme (3)

French Building 91A4

French Building 91A

French Building 91a

Cow On Lake 112

House On Lake 1a

Santa Fe Window 1CC5

Camel 311d

Ball 110cBBB

AC Four Bags 1e

Lunch 1aF1

Goodwill 1B

Vegetables 2aB

Sunflower Collage1aBB

Montage Landscapes 1bF2

Umbrella & Stripes 10cB

Provence House 114cF

Vincent 1F3

Laundry Shadows 6aF1

Yellow Boat 118F3B

French Farm 118F5

Le Tour de France 1Fa10

Valves 1F2

Chefchaouen 1bF8

Chefchaouen 1bF1B

Eyeful A2

SF-Skyline 1bE

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Isola di Buano 1aBB

Blue Cross 117f

Sail 795

Sail 21cBB

Sail 9cS4

Out to Dry 15aBB

Blue Inn 1b

Greek Porch 2aBB

Tokyo Ginza1BB


Taxi de Mer 1bBBB

Adobe 16aF5

Ben Nevis 31F2

Snippet 2b

Templeton Building 412dB

Big Tree 23aB

Tree By Ocean 18F1

Variations on a Theme (2)

Painted Colors 1BB

Painted Colors 2BB

Variations on a Theme (2)

Flower George 1b

Flower George P4BB

Ghost Boat 22aB

Girl Reading 4bBB

Boy in Yellow Shirt 124g

Variations on a Theme (2)

Man With Guitar 2aBB

Man With Guitar 2cBB

Woman With Hat 2bBB

Mother & Child 2BB

Girl Racing 1aF2

Girl Reading 6aBB

Two Monks 13gBB

Boy & Top 16c

Greek Sailor 22dCE

Art Show International Finalist Award Winner - 2022

House Abstract 110a

Mask 1c

Migration 1dB

Three Lights 1aBB

RyTie 1g

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Two Boots 1BB


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