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Still Life


Solitude 26B

Brown Hat 11a

Variations on a Theme (2)

Sartorially Impeccable

Going Up

Woman In Hat 8d

Variations on a Theme (5)

Colorback 1F9

Girl In Sunglasses 2pCB

Persian Man 317F4

Guy Thinking 5B

Mexican Woman 19cBa

Woman With Hat 32

Contmplation 2g

Redhead 2dB

Deep Thoughts

JCaesar 1fB

Greek Man Red 17M4b

Variations on a Theme (2)

Girl at Desk Silhouette 3 

Boat & Bottle Silhouette 3a

Variations on a Theme (2)

What Next 1

What Next 2

Woman By Door 2bF3

Love Smile Dream 3F9

TV Watching 12bB

Girl Texting 1e

Weaver Sketch 4bB

Greek Tavern 3zF3

Variations on a Theme (2)

Carmel Girl 4B

Carmel Girl 4D

Blue Shirt 1a

Woman on Golden Gate Park Bench F3

Guy on Bench 1cF2

Boy On Bench 18aF7

Parisienne In Red 3c

Nun Walking 2F8

Nun 21cB

Woman With White Hat 1F9

Variations on a Theme (2)

Verra 1F

Verra 1fd

Model 1aBB

Model X7

Sarah Burton Model 1aF1d

Suzy 1F5

Woman & Grasses MOYB1F3

Variations on a Theme (2)

Man In Blue Hat 21d

Man In Blue Hat 21dBB

Variations on a Theme (2)

Man In White Hat 4d

Man In White Hat 6aF4

Old Man 3a

Old Man 129B

Girl In Big Hat 2F6

Balloon Man 11F7


Dog & Man 1F7


Head Heavy 1F2

Tough Times 12bBB

Variations on a Theme (2)

Lisbon Shoe Shine Man 1e

Lisbon Shoe Shine Man Sketch 1a

Variations on a Theme (2)

Two Yugos 1bB

Two Yugos 11dF1

Floor Model In Dress A4

Man & Hat 14a

Persian Man 51a

Swiss Man Sketch 11f

Girl Racing 2F4

Paris Dancer 22cB

Girl Thinking 46fBB

Woman Walking 1dBB

Woman With Broom 1b

Man Reading Paper 26aBB

Waif 3bB

Sitting Frenchman 2a

Man On Bench 22aBB

Greek Sailor 42aBB

Guy Thinking

Variations on a Theme (2)

French Woman 111B

French Woman 113eF

Variations on a Theme (2)



Sunglasses 122a

Boy & Top 23B

Boy In Spain 11bF1

Mexican Woman 19aB

Variations on a Theme (2)

One Monk 15b

One Monk 15f

Boy & Horn 18

Girl On Sand 1aF4

Variations on a Theme (3)

Boy In Yellow Shirt 124B

Boy In Yellow Shirt 124h

Boy In Yellow Shirt 124e

Black Hat Man 1bF5



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